Transform Your Business with my
Deep-Dive Tech Intensive

Perfect for busy professionals with a punch list of tech projects that need to get done.

Does any of this sound like you?

  • Long to-do-list of tasks and projects.
  • No time in the schedule to get them completed.
  • The “techie” stuff isn’t your thing.
  • You have an idea of how to get it done, but you’re not quite sure.

If so, you’re in the right place!

Tech Tasks We Can Tackle

Sales Funnels


Website Updates

File Organization

Landing Pages

WordPress Integrations

Don’t see what you’re looking to get done on the list, send me an email or schedule a clarity call and we can chat.
Ready to Get Started?

How it Works


Find a Date

  • This is the day that you would like to have your deep work session schedule on the calendar.
  • When you have a date in mind, fill out the intake form.
  • After submitting your intake form. I will review your information and ask any additional questions. Once you and I agree, I will send you the payment link.

Arrange a Kick-Start

  • Once I receive your payment. You will be sent instructions on scheduling a kick-start call.
  • Be prompt in scheduling this call.
  • The kick-start call is a 30-min zoom session where we review what you need to get done. We will be developing your punch list of tech tasks. We’ll discuss any obstacles that may interfere with completing the prep-work.
  • Be prepared to finalize your deep-dive tech intensive date.

Deep-Dive Tech Intensive

  • This is the time where I perform the work identified on the punch list discussed in step 2.
  • On the day of your tech intensive we will meet at the start and meet again at the end. I do ask that you are available to respond to any questions that may come up while I work. Answering such questions will increase the number of items that get completed as well as maximize the use of our time.
  • At the close-out call, we will discuss what was completed.

Post Intensive

  • 👏🏽 We just checked-off some of those tech tasks that were on your list. Congratulate yourself.
  • Over the next week, take the time to review the work that was completed.
  • You have 30 days of email support, if you have any questions about the work completed during the deep-dive intensive, kindly send an email to
Have a question? Send me an email or schedule a clarity call and we’ll chat.

I’m Kim, Your Webmaster for the Day

With her trusty keyboard and mouse, she fearlessly conquers the vast wilderness of the internet, one website at a time. Kim’s expert skills in website design and development are matched only by her sharp wit and infectious humor.

When she’s not busy crafting stunning websites, Kim likes to unwind with some good old-fashioned army-style push-ups. As an army veteran, she knows the importance of staying fit and ready for any challenge.

So if you’re looking for a tech wizard who knows how to get the job done right, look no further than Kim Stone. She’s got the skills, the smarts, and the sense of humor to get those tasks done.

Commonly Asked Questions

Yes. I will provide you with support for the specific project-tasks that were part of our session. You have up to 30 days to call on me for clarity or any additional information.

A Deep-Dive Tech Intensive is a structured engagement. The intent is that you will have an uninterrupted, distraction-free block of time where the sole focus is you and your project-tasks.

Your options to continue to work with me would be to book an additional deep-dive tech intensive or to hire me on a retainer.

Still have some questions that are not covered …
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