Tech Support

Great for businesses and individuals who require remote tech support or consulting.

Bootup Your Tech retainer services provides our clients access when they need it, ensuring issues are resolved efficiently and downtime is minimized.

Our retainers include all of the services we offer. Our plans are flexible and meet the needs of most budgets. Whether you require support monthly or just need the occasional helping hand, our plans and packages are designed to meet your needs.

Tech Overwatch

Perfect for clients:
– who require monthly support
– WHO need to hand off the tech Tasks

Tech Overwatch plans can be cancelled anytime.

Cancellations will take affect at the end of the calendar month.


  • 5 or 10 hours a month
  • Any of our Services
  • Support for existing projects
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Coaching
  • Training
  • Priority scheduling
  • Guaranteed availability for your set hours each month

Guide by Your Side

Perfect for clients:
– who do not require A recurring monthly support pACKAGE
– who Wants to do the work but want a trusted tech to guide them through the process
– WHO has a desire to learn to tackle those day-to-day tech tasks on their own

  • Ask me Anything …
  • Fast-track your task to completion
  • Stop spinning your wheels, let’s tackle the problem together

Our Guide by Your Side plan is designed for those clients who want to do the work and benefit from the knowledge of a tech expert, saving you time and money. Some clients have gained enough skills to tackle their day-to-day tech tasks.

These plans do not expire and redemption requires calendar booking.


  • Everything in Tech Overwatch and:
  • No Monthly Commitment
  • Flexible plan options (Choose what works for you)
  • Availability requires calendar booking