Command Care:
Reliable & Worry-Free
WordPress Care Plan

The hassle-free solution for managing and maintaining your website so you can focus on building your online brand.

Why You Should Get Command Care

WordPress Maintenance should be an integrated part of your business operations. You don’t need to be overwhelmed with the latest happenings in the WordPress community, its plugins, its themes and whatever hackers are doing.

See how Command Care maintains your site and frees up your time.

Consistent Monitoring

I apply monitoring services to your site. If your site goes down, I will diagnose the issue and get you up and operational.

Routine Updates

I keep your site updated with the latest version of WordPress. Updates are only applied after careful consideration.

Issue Resolution

I enjoy working with my clients. I take pride in being able to find solutions for my clients unique requirements.

Let Me Take the WordPress Maintenance Off Your Plate.
Your Website Is a Valuable Asset — Don’t Let It Go Unmanned

Remove the weight from your shoulders. Find peace of mind knowing your website is being professionally monitored and additional help is available if you need it. Allow me to give you back your time so you can spend it in your zone of genius.

Command Care


Perfect if you’re a site owner who wants to pass the baton on the tech tasks. Get access to expert optimization, robust security and tech support.
  • All features above included
  • Cloud Backups (21 Daily Backups are retained)
  • Quarterly Performance Monitoring
  • Image Optimization (unlimited)
  • Quarterly Plugin Audit
  • 10% discount on all additional services
  • Premium web hosting*
  • Up to 3 hours of flex-time for support requests ($240 value)
  • Email & Voxer support
  • Level 1 access to Command Care Toolkit

$350 /month

Command Care


Perfect if you want your site fortified and maintained for peak performance and you need a couple of tech tasks completed each month.
  • All features above included
  • Cloud Backups (14 Daily Backups are retained)
  • Bi-Annual Performance Monitoring
  • Image Optimization
  • Bi-Annual Plugin Audit
  • 10% discount on Deep Dive Tech Intensive & monthly retainers
  • Premium web hosting*
  • 1 hour flex-time for support requests ($80 value)
  • Email Support
  • Level 2 access to Command Care Toolkit
Ideal WordPress Maintenance Package for most websites.

$150 /month

Command Care


Perfect if you want peace of mind knowing your site is secure, well maintained and operational.
  • All features above included
  • Cloud Backups (4 Weekly Backups are retained)
  • Annual Performance Monitoring
  • Image Optimization
  • Annual Plugin Audit
  • 10% discount on Deep Dive Tech Intensive
  • Premium web hosting* (+$20/month)
  • Tech Support available upon request
  • Email Support
  • Level 3 access to Command Care Toolkit

$60 /month

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How it Works

Step 1


Decide on your Command Care plan. Purchase the one that best fits with your work-schedule and budget.

Step 2


Provide me with your WordPress site admin details. I will do an initial walk-through, get started and ask follow-up questions.

Step 3


I will configure your site for monitoring and tracking. If additional information is necessary, I’ll send you a request.

Step 4


Get your time back. Hand the WordPress woes over to your new team member and let me take it from here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about Command Care Maintenance Packages? See the list below for our most frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed below, please contact me.

Command Care is dedicated WordPress maintenance that fully manages your technical updates and ensures your website is healthy and operational.

Flex-time is where we complete website tasks for you. Yes, you get to hand off the techie tasks to me. This includes edits, fixes, design changes, troubleshooting, development as well as talking strategy. You get to chose how your flex-time is used.

The Command Care Toolkit is a hand-picked selection of WordPress plugins and themes that are included with your maintenance package. The list of available plugins and themes included depends on whether you have selected the Elite, Pro or Essentials WordPress Maintenance Package.

Because I provide great service and I listen to what you tell me you need for your website. When speaking with me, you can call me by first name. You know you are speaking to a real person who will handle your service requests with a personal touch.

You just need to start with step 1 by choosing a care plan that best fits your organizations needs.

Our care plans are designed to provide you a consistent, routine service that keeps your website healthy and operational. Based on the Command Care Plans, there are routine audits that have been included with your care plan. With these audits, I will realign your site such that it will operate in its most efficient state.

Oh Gosh, No. You do not need to know this stuff, this is why you and I are on a first name basis. This is why when you have a question, you submit a service request. I’m here for you and your website. 🤓

Start Focusing on Increasing Revenue in Your Business!

Let my Command Care WordPress maintenance plans take the stress away.